Anonymous said:
i just started season 3 of teen wolf, can you tell me in which epsiode Stiles realize that he is gay?


season 1 episode 1

I’M done because… it’s true.


They seriously better not say that Derek died when Kate shot him at the end of 3b and he’s just been dead this whole time. Which is why his name is the third cipher key. That would make me want to tear out my own ear drums.



british: american people are so annoying
chinese: american people are so annoying
mexicans: american people are so annoying
french: american people are so annoying
americans: we are so annoying
canadians: I fucking love maple syrup
australians: we can do your accent but none of you assholes can do ours AHAHAHAHA

They’re giving The Maze Runner previews more often now on T.V …

Hence the reason I’m fucking losing my voice….

Derek losing his powers is terrible but consider this: can he now, for the first time in his life, get drunk? And what would that look like?


Derek getting shitfaced drunk for the first time in his life

Derek getting like 17 year old at his first house party drunk

Derek getting puke in the bushes and the potted plants drunk

Derek getting i’m gonna tell you all my dirty most terribly depraved fantasies and secrets drunk